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RTA-Dubai Ferry
 ✎ Ilustration, Art direction and design

Escape the conventional notion that exploring Dubai's scenic spots is limited to roads. Imagine a journey where the endless sky meets the sparkling sea, offering a fresh perspective of Dubai's coastal skyline. Embark on the Dubai Ferry to explore the city's beauty as the horizon unfolds before you.

RTA KV 2-03.jpg
RTA KV 2-02.jpg
RTA KV 2-01.jpg
RTA KV 2-05.jpg
RTA KV 2-04.jpg
RTA KV (1)-03.jpg
RTA KV (1)-01.jpg


For this art direction, the vector-based illustrations depict a first-person experience. The angle and style emphasize the serene journey that awaits passengers on board the Dubai Ferry, using soothing blue gradients and expressions of awe and tranquility.

Creative Direction

Mirko Arico-Torreno


Cedric Tannous

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